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IVP&CE Core Technology Overview



Intelligent Video Processing and Control Engine (IVP&CE) is the next generation of software framework for the intelligent & proactive video security system market. It covers all aspects of the security and video surveillance under the same umbrella. IVP&CE takes advantage of the latest cutting-edge video pattern recognition and industrial automation technology. It provides unique and seamless security and control software framework to your business.


IVP&CE provides a common framework - with an open API - to let systems integrators to create custom solutions for intelligent & proactive video system.


The combination of multi-tiers, plug & play, object oriented, event based, salability and open architecture, makes the IVP&CE an ideal framework for all Video Surveillance, DVR / NVR, control system, and security applications.


Using IVP&CE core technology, IVISIOTECH has developed a comprehensive range of complete and end-to-end products for small and big facilities such as home, office, airport, building, school, parking lot, and public area.


Some of the IVP&CE framework modules:



IVP&CE framework could be used for following type of applications:

Intelligent & Proactive Video Surveillance


Smart Video Analytics

  • Fallen person detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Abandoned package detection
  • Stationary object detection
  • Asset Protection

Proctive Security System

  • Real-time Video Monitoring
  • Real-time Device/Sensor Monitoring
  • Real-time Alarm notification
  • Real-time Alarm Handling
  • Automatic action triggering

Advance Search

  • Alarm / Event / Time / Timeline
  • Random access to movie based on Alarm/Event
  • Direct reviewing of the movie through search criteria or timeline


Distributed & High Capacity DVR/ NVR



  • Multi-Servers
  • Multi-Views
  • High Recording Capacity
  • High Compression
    • MPEG4
    • MJPEG
  • Recording mode
    • Alarm based
    • Continues
    • On demand
  • Optimized Data Transfer between client & server

Streaming Server

  • Multi-Video Source Streaming for playback record.

Parking Lot Management

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Real-time parking lot Space Counting
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