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Video Analytics


Intelligent object detection

It can be trained to detect any type of object in the scene. This is done through novel object detection algorithms that can detect different types of objects based on their pattern, structural properties and spectra.

Intelligent video detection

It is sophisticated enough to know the difference between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.

Intelligent video tracking

it can distinguish the position, speed and direction of each object in the scene.

Zone masking

It can manage two kind of zone masking; active zone - you can mask unwanted or prohibited area and action zone - you can mask the action area.

Works in any environment

It can work in both indoor and outdoor environment (rain, fog, low light and nighttime)

Works with any camera

Analog, Network(IP), Color, B&W, Infrared and thermal


Windows, Linux

Application Programming Interface (API)

Allows application developers to add the new video analytics plug-ins.

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