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License Plate Recognition


VisioLPR is an Automatic Number Plaque Recognition System (ANPR) which can identify license plates of moving or stopped vehicle. It can be easily adapted to recognize any new characters such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.

It takes advantage of the latest Pattern Recognition and Neuronal Network technology. It provides high speed and high accuracy rate License Plate Recognition.

VisioLPR can use either Software trigger like Advanced Video Motion Detection (AVMD) or hardware trigger like I/O.  For example, a VisioLPR may be connected to a sensor such as magnetic loop detector, overhead laser scanner, or infrared sensor.

Thanks to its flexible architecture and API, VisioLPR can be incorporated easily in any other IT application, using messaging or ODBC.

VisioLPR is suitable for many different applications, including car parks, traffic surveys, petrol filling stations, and to detect stolen vehicles if used in conjunction with LPR hotspot list.



VisioLPR is suitable for many different applications such as:

  • Toll Violation
  • Illegal parking
  • Access control
  • Border surveillance
  • Police enforcement
  • Stolen vehicle search
  • Bus Lane Enforcement
  • Traffic control & surveys
  • Parking lot Management
  • Traffic enforcement statistics
  • Petrol station forecourt monitoring
  • Automatic toll collection enforcement
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