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Parking Space Counting


VisioSPACE (Parking Space Counting) is part of IVISIOTECH parking management solution. The goal of this product is to provide real-time space counting of parking lots. It uses the state of the art IVISIOTECH's Video Pattern Recognition Technology that allows counting the parking space by using only the cameras.

VisioSPACE is highly accurate and is very cost effective solution. If integrated with directional signage, it will provide a total parking guidance solution.

Optional application using slot management:

  • Smart  resource control based on the obtained statistics..
  • Assigns proper amount of security personnel based on the traffic statistics.
  • Adjusts lights and power based on the traffic load in each section.
  • Adjusts the air conditioning system and fans based on the traffic load.
  • Keeps track of Emergency parking slots (i.e. ambulances).

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