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Central Management System Capability

VisioMANAGER represents a new generation of Central Management System which allows to monitor, control, and manage all cameras and control all remote devices.

Hybrid Monitoring

VisioMANAGER allows to manage, monitor and control both the video and data flow (device data).

Light Monitoring System

VisioMANAGER provides also a light Monitoring System which allows only the viewing feature.

Powerful Map Browser

VisioMANAGER has a powerful map browser which can show the position of all devices and cameras on the map. It can import JPEG or vector map (emf format) from CAD software like Microsoft Office Visio. In addition it provides live view of the camera on the map.

Unlimited cameras

Fast and easy to investigate (retrieval of stored video)

Thanks to advanced search and alarms and events management, operator can instantly retrieve all pictures or videos of any alarm or event for each camera.

Distributed architecture

It allows for the deployment of fully networked and distributed digital video security architecture.

Unlimited cameras

User friendly interface and easy to maintain

It requires little or no training because of the easy to use Windows interface navigation tree.

Upgradeable software

High performance

Achieved by utilizing powerful multi-threaded technology.

Easy to deploy

Taking advantage of plug & play technology, it's been designed to be easy to install, to configure, and to use the new plug-ins.

Future-proof your investment

It's designed to easily scale from a single surveillance station with local monitoring to as a multi-camera, multi-site operation with remote monitoring.

Cost savings and quick return on investment

The scalability, customization and integration allow an organization to maximize the surveillance capability.

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