The key to your security

Video Analytics


Improves surveillance effectiveness
Thanks to IVISIOTECH’s VisioSHARP Technology, the system allows to not miss any event or alarm such as a suspicious package being left unattended, people moving in restricted areas, cars driving the wrong way, or attempts to tamper with the video surveillance cameras.

Increases productivity and efficient use of manpower
By alerting only suspicious behavior, a single operator is able to monitor a larger area and larger number of the camera. It achieves security objectives with less staff.

Minimizes nuisance alarms (false alarms)
Using the state of the art Video Analytics Technology, VisioSHARP allows to suppress the false alarm due to environmental factors: the system can distinguish between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.

Automatic alarm triggering
VisioSHARP’s Video analytics improve the prevention of incidents and can accelerate action triggering. Each video alarm will be able to instantaneously initiate an action such as video recording, PTZ camera activation, relay output activation, send a command to remote device (using Visio-CONTROLLER), etc.

Fast and easy to investigate (retrieval of stored video)
VisioSHARP ensures that only relevant video footage is indexed or stored, so that when the need arises to search through old recordings, only video that could potentially include the event in question is retrieved.

Highest detection rates

The system provides high performance and high rate detection.

Proactive monitoring & detection

The system provides real-time detection that can reduce or prevent incidents and allows for faster response.

Specialist high security installations

For the highest security installations such as military, airport, hospital, etc.

Increases productivity

By alerting only suspicious behavior, a single operator is able to monitor a larger area anf larger number of the camera.

Maximize the return on your investment (ROI)

Increasing the efficiency of your staff with Intelligent Video Analysis will cost less than you expect.

Fast and easy to investigate

Thanks to advanced alarms and events management, operator can instantly retrieve all pictures or videos of any alarm or event for each camera.

Flexible and Easy to operate

Allows users to define specific areas within a field of view, assign different combinations of alerts for each area. Also it enables custom security profiles per camera to create weekend, holiday and custom schedules that match business patterns.

Easy to Upgrade

The application features can be easily upgraded to reflect new development.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface avoids confusion for security operators and allows for fast and easy raining of new operators.

Easy to deploy

Taking advantage of IVP&CE plug & play technology, it's been designed to be easy to install, to configure, and to use.

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